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XT60 2 string 1 Mains Supply Plug for Two Batteries in Series

T60 2 string 1 Mains Supply Plug for Two Batteries in Series Many of aircraft power input plug is an XT60 female,in this case of a group of cells naturally access is not a problem,but sometimes we need to use two batteries in series,then a female XT60 is not enough.Wire bonding or modified?In fact,very troublesome.You have a very simple way now, and that is the use of this product,it can be a XT60 female separate to two XT60 female,so they can easily access two lithium batteries,this easiest way to reach and lightest the purpose of the additional material in parallel to the battery.Then series,to make the battery voltage rises. Caution: 1.When access to a battery, you should pay attention to the protection of another plug prohibited conductor contact. 2. When the series battery requires two batteries of the same voltage,same capacity,same size,prohibited the use of different specifications of batteries in series. Package Includes: 1 x XT60 2 string 1 Mains Supply Plug

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