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Walkera DEVO 10 WK-DEVO10 2.4 GHz 10CH Transmitter Without Receiver

alkera DEVO-10 Most high cost performance.This DEVO 10 with 2801 interface would be nice. It only needs less clicks to get to the correct page. Buttons give you good feedback, so you can go faster. This DEVO 10 also has a clear to read and easy to understand menu, the respond time is so quick, selecting an option is sharp and tidy. Walkera puts a new computer chip inside the DEVO 10 and they re-write the program menu. The screen is also viewable in broad day light because it is backlit. At the center of this incredible performances are the telemetry function and upgradable firmware online. DEVO-10 The latest 2.4G 10CH transmitter with telemetry function Devo-10 adopts 2.4GHz Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum(DSSS)technology, with automatic ID binding and ID assignment, it can also be customizedly set as fixed ID code. The usage of wireless copy function helps you easily get the data. The helicopter mode and airplane mode are available to meed your requirment for different models. The lattice LCD display screen offers you convenient operation. The built-in Telemetry help you get a real time data feedback. DEVO-10 with telemetry display and function setting. Besides, it supports Online upgrade software via USB connector to ensure a transmitter in hand not to be out of date and makes it full of vitality. Specification: Encoder: 10-channel micro computer system Frequency: 2.4GHz DSSS Output drain: 200mA(100mW) Transmitter power supply: NiMH 8X12V100-2000mAh Output pulse: 1000-2000m

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