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SRD-1726CP4 Mini CMOS Security CCTV Wired IR Camera For Surveillance

escription :¬† SRD-1726CP4 Sensor Mini CMOS Security CCTV Wired IR Camera For Surveillance Features : Compact design and easy to operate with unique appearance. With waterproof function, it can install outside door. Dust-avoid protect glass. Smallest wired CCTV system that has ever built in the world. Small size, lightweight, low power consumption, high sensitivity, easy to install, operate and also easy to conceal. A hi-tech device, which are suitable for facilities in the supermarket, shop, department store, warehouse, school and home, Radio Control R/C plane. It keeps your house safe ūüôā Specifications : Photo-image sensor :¬†1 / 5 CMOS Video signal system :¬†PAL Audio : Without Audio Validity Pixel : PAL :¬†720(H) x 576(V)¬† Scan frequency : 50 ( @ 27MHz in PAL) Depth Of Field : 30 – 60mm Lens : FOV = 60 F2.8 / 2.42mm with¬†IR cut Video Output : CVBS Interface Definition : LED power supply / camcorder power supply / the common ground wire / video output Package Includes : 1 x¬†SRD-1726CP4¬†Sensor Mini Security CCTV Side Camera Details pictures : ¬† “

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