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RC Model Battery USB Charger Adapter For Mobile Phone Portable Charge

RC Model batteries single-cell voltage 3.6V,may not continue to support the model flying, the rest of the power can be used to charge the phone Parameter: Input voltage: 6V-26V (2s-6s) Output voltage:5V Output current:2A Discharge end voltage:3V (single cell) Step 1:Portable charge and battery connection Note: After the connection, Don’t charge the phone battery or other digital devices, you need to set the parameters Step 2:Set the portable charge serial number Note:Long press indicating key,Wait until LED lights become flash,Again short press indicating key,adjust to the number of batteries on the corresponding LED (not for operation, will automatically return) After setup is complete, can charge the battery of digital equipment, at the same time, we should pay attention to a little, short according to the arrow keys will display the current string indicating the number, in the static state (i.e. LED constant brightness) said is the remaining percentage of current battery power When the battery is not enough to support the model flying.Use portable charge to charge the phone, Will the battery appear over discharge phenomenon? Answer:The product has the function of voltage acquisition,In the single battery voltage reaches 3V (3S battery 4S battery is 9V, 12V, and so on)Portable charging will stop working, the entire circuit is in the circuit state, so user don’t need to worry about the battery over discharge problem. Will not affect battery life. Pay attention to the positi

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