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Kingmagic Magic Poker Playing Cards Magic Toy Magic Props G0295

ingmagic Magic Poker Playing Cards Magic Toy Magic Props G0295 There are 54 cards of a deck of playing card.  It can be used as magic Prop or the ordinary playing cards. The tricks of the playing card can be divided into 3 kinds: 1. Each playing card is Trapezoidal, called long & short edge playing card. 2. The reverse side of playing cards are marked so that you can recognize what the playing cards are, called marked playing card. 3. the length of the red playing cards are longer a little bit than the length of the black playing cards, called long & short playing cards. There are some tricks for your reference only. 1. Compart Red & Black Tactfully Performance: Lay open a deck of playing cards on the table, and tell the audience there are red cards and black cards. Then, collect the cards, hold two end of the cards with two hands. Finally, lay open the cards again, now, red cards and blacks cards are comparted. 2.Find the card Tactfully Performance: Invite one of the audience to select a card randomly (e.g. Heart K) and remember it, then put it back and shuffle. Next, use Trick NO.1 to separate the red cards and black cards,and pick out the only one red card ( Heart K). If the audience pick out a black card, magician can do it in the same way, just remember the color of the cards should be changed. 3.Cards In Order Performance: Half of the playing cards face up, the others face down. Magician shuffle the cards and blow them, then the cards are in order. Package Included: 1

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