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KingMagic Flying Dice Magic Props G0620

ingMagic Flying Dice Magic Props G0620 Number of Dice: 5 pcs Effect: Several dices vanish in magician’s hand, then they appear in the box one by one. Props: Five dices, one of them is magnetic. Preparation: Asorb the magnetic dice on the top of the box. Do not let the audience find out. How to Perform: 1. Open the box, show audience four dices, the magnetic dice hide on the top of the box. Pour four dices on the desk, and put the red one in the box. 2. Use magic trick to pretend to throw one dice into the box. Open the box with your left hand, remember to turn over the box, the dice vanished. 3. Now, pour the dice out on your right hand. 4. Do the steps above, vanish the dices into the box one bye one. Packge Included: 1 X Flying Dice (with English Instruction)

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