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Futaba Throttle Mid Position Spring Set for 7C 8J 10J 10C 14SG FX22 8FG

utaba Throttle Mid Position Spring Set for 7C 8J 10J 10C 14SG FX22 8FG Along with the rising popularity for multi-copter on market, the demand for multi-copter control has been noticed. Take the throttle for example, the start point is at 50% (middle point) not traditional 0% (the lowest point). It€™s not easy to use a traditional radio transmitter to fly a drone, not to mention to keep the throttle at middle point all the time.   Now, we are pleased to introduce the Futaba Throttle Mid Position Spring Set to you. The structure is equipped with a special spring. After assembly this spring set on transmitter, the joystick will go back to middle point automatically, just like the joystick of aileron / elevator / rudder.   Item Name: AT4320 Self Centre Spring Set Color:Black Compatible with Futaba 7C, 8J, 9C, 10C, 8FG & 14SG Features: Use this little widget to convert the throttle position to return to center instead of the progressive ratchet. It can be assemble on Futaba 7C/8J/10J/10C/14SG/FX22/8FG. After assembly, please remember to calibrate the throttle to ensure the accuracy and fluency.   Package Included: 1 x  Throttle Mid Position Spring Set 

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