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Frog Sounds HAM Radio QRP Kit Telegraph CW Transceiver Receiver Radio Station

Frog Sounds HAM Radio QRP Kit Telegraph CW Transceiver Receiver Radio Station The PCB will have the different colors, But the product itself is not affected, please note that before you buy it …… We have Confirmed from the supplier, even The PCB is different colors, it still can be used, if you got any problems when you finish soldering the Yellow PCB, please contact us to ask for help quickly…… This is a very small volume of simple 40 meter band micro-power amplitude telegraph transceiver, the DC power supply using a 9V battery or an external 9-12V side of. In relatively good spread, they can communicate with amateur radio within the range of several hundred kilometers.This machine was first introduced by domestic radio enthusiasts, and gave it played a nice name frogs” Feature:   Power: 9V-12V (12V linear regulated power supply is recommended) Antenna: 50 ohm, unbalanced Transmit power: 1.9W (using 9V power supply) 2.6W (using 12V power supply) Frequency: The oscillator frequency emission: 7023KHz; receiving local oscillator frequency: about 7023-7026KHz Working Mode: CW Note:   MOSFET 2N7000 kit to be used as a final element of soldering, in order to prevent electrostatic breakdown, 2N7000 soldering iron should disconnect the power supply heat soldering Factors affecting communication distance are: antenna and erect, spread bad weather, the surrounding environment is electromagnetic interference, individual operational level. The kit is CW manner (similar to “

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