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Folk Acoustic Guitar Trigger Change Capo Key Clamp Black

Guitar Capo Features: It can be positioned on any fret on the exposed fretboard, it requires no adjustments and will not interfere with playing. Made of strong, light-weight aluminum. Perfect fit for the necks and fingerboards of Guitars. A snap to park on the headstock and then reposition between frets using just one hand. 1. Fits comfortably in your hand 2. Without adjustment 3. Can clamp on any fret 4. Small in size, convenient and portable 5. Hold the strings nice and tight 6. Can even change keys during a song 7. Specially designed for electric or acoustic guitars 8. Quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning 9. Operate just with one hand 10. Color:Black Package Includes: 1X Black Guitar Capo  

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