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DasMikro Programmable Sound Unit for Orlandoo F150 OH35P01 KIT Micro RC Crawlers

rogrammable Sound Unit for Orlandoo F150 OH35P01 KIT Micro RC Crawlers  This soundunit is developed specially for electric powered RC. It could be used to 1:35, 1/24 and 1/18 RC crawlers. Especially suitable for Orlandoo F150 OH35P01 KIT Assemble Climbing RC Car Parts Version Features: Plug and Play  Soundquality 22KHz Internal 1W amplifier at 8 Ohm speakers All connections done by plugs, no solderwork necessary Receiver signals are used for speed information,  this allows brushless or DC Motor usage Fully assembeled in SMD technology (no heavy, vibration sensitive components) All wires included Very little dimensions and weight Technical Datas: Dimensions: 11 x 23,5 x 3,2mm (min.11x16x3,2mm) Voltage: 3V to 5V (supplied by the receiver) Note the maximum supply voltage of 5V. Current: app. 10mA without sound, app. 250mA at max. volume Speaker: 8-32 Ohm Output power: 1W at 8-Ohm at 5V; 0,6W at 8-Ohm at 3V Proportional inputs: Positive Impuls 0,8ms bis 2,0ms Soundquality: up to 22,05 kHz   Teaching the sound unit for throttle idle/accelerate point: 1. Power on transmitter and receiver. LED blinks fast -> normal mode. Bring throttle stick to idle. Motor must not move. 2. Bridge study switch for about 0.5 seconds until beep -> LED cont. on. At this moment the idle position of the throttle stick is stored. 3. Move throttle stick to your desired acceleration point (throttle stick position where idle dead band stops and engine running sound starts) and wait for a beep. Now the

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