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Car LED Parking System Sensor Reverse Backup Kit Radar Sound Alert

ar LED Parking System Sensor Reverse Backup Kit Radar Sound Alert The Car Parking Sensor System can help you avoid those costly backup collisions that happen so easily. What’s more important, it can help save the life of a little kid. Once installed, the system will automatically turns on when you put your car into reversing. If an object is detected while backing up, the system emits audible beeps and shows the distance on the on-dash display telling you how far you are from an object. The faster the beep, the closer you are. If you are too close to an object, the beep sounds like an alarm. Feature: Easy installation into any car, truck, or SUV Digital Colored LED Display 4 Sensor system for enhanced coverage and detection Anti-freeze and rain proof design to work well under extreme weather Advance chipset for optimal detection and distance calculation Specification: Rate voltage: 12V Operation voltage range: 9-16v Rated current: 20-200mA Detecting distance: 0-2.5m Ultrasonic Frequency: 40Khz Working temperature: -30~+70„ƒ Display working temperature: -20~+60„ƒ Weight: 398g How it work: The system starts when you put the vehicle in Reverse Gear, working a little bit a radar system whereby each sensor sends out a signal which bounces against any objects and then back to the sensor head Closer the object is to the vehicle, less time it takes the signal to bounce, thus allowing the Main Control Box to calculate the distance, display in the form of a digital display and by a

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