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Amass MT60 3.5mm Motor Connector Set

MT60 3.5mm Motor Connector Set Metal Connector Diameter: 3.5mm (bullet type) Weight: 9.6g (per set) Light weight, short circuit protection, 3-pin for motor to ESC connection. This product is the Amass MT60 plug new, based on XT60’s critically acclaimed, three core production of XT60 derivatives, the connection between the electrically adjustable – for the three lines connected to the motor, or other models use. Caution: This product because of three banana plug to plug, need to use than ordinary plug larger strength. Welded wire after the proposal, together with the plug and the tail pinch the line plug operation.   Package Included: 1 x Male Connector 1 x Female Connector 2 x Wire Guiding Sleeves

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