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Air Cushion Neck Cervical Traction Shoulder Support Brace Pillow

Air Cushion Neck Cervical Traction Shoulder Support Brace Pillow Light weight and adjustable, Comfortable and non-threatening, Ideal for relaxing neck pain and headache, Elongates your neck muscles, relief your neck pain, Easy and convenient to carry and operate in your daily life.   Specification: Color:Brown Air Bag Cushion Size:27cm x 22cm x 17.5cm (L x W x H) ( under inflating state) Nylon Belt Length:17cm Air Tunnel Length:38cm Air Pump Size:11cm(Length) x 5cm(Diameter) Air Suck Length:4.7cm Suitable Age: 20 – 60 years old  Application:People who spend long time on the computers, cars, or neck illness person. Weight:about 177g   Usage:   1.Put the pump onto the air channel first, 2.Fix the cushion on the neck properly, according to your need use the Nylon belt, 3.At a comfortable position then can start to pump air into the cushion slowly, 4.Stop pumping when feel comfort and pain relieve, 5.At the beginning use it with low presure for 10-15 mins, with a few days feel a positive body response, increase to up to 20-30 mins, 6.When finished, release the air and put down the cushion, 7.Repeat for 2-3 times a day for neck illness person.   Attention:   Your neck should relax during the process to reach its effect, Pumping process should slowly and according to yourself, when your have any uncomfortable should stop pumping immediately, Avoid contact with hard objects when use the product. Don’t let the product close to high-temperature heat. This product cannot wash bu

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