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3m 10FT Digital Optical Fiber Toslink Male Audio Cable Cord OD 2.2mm

This is 3m 10FT digital optical fiber toslink male audio cable cord OD 2.2mm OD 2.2mm toslink male to toslink male audio fiber cable Pop-up plugs ensure that the light signal is transferred accurately Provides you the cleanest possible signal, even at extreme volume levels Precision polished fiber tips for maximum signal transfer (includes tip protectors) PVC jacket prevents cable from damage and adds flexibility and durability for years of listening pleasure Using good quality fiber core ensures high speed, high efficiency, high fidelity, and low loss of broadband transmission Optical cables transfer the signal using light, thus completely eliminating any chance for RFI, EMI or ground loop interference This optical fiber cable connects to your DVD, VCR, CD, MINI Disc, etc, and it provides you the cleanest possible signal, even at extreme volume levels Support Dolby Digital (Dolby 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1) AC-3/DTS surround sound receiver, connects to your DVD, CD, Mini Disc, DAT other digital audio equipment for clear, full and richly detailed sound Range of application: cameras, monitoring system, HD video and audio system, MD player network TV, digital TV, satellite television, broadband network, communication net system, 3D and 4D HD digital cinema, digital imaging system, car, aircraft, ships and other digital audio equipment Specification: OD: 2.2mm Color: Black Net Weight: 15g Cable Length: Approx.3m/ 10ft Connectors: Toslink Male to Toslink Male Material: PVC + fiber core (i

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