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3 Axis Gyro System Program Card For 5.3.4pro VBAR KBAR K-BAR K8 GV8000

Axis Gyro System iCard Program Card for 5.3.4pro VBAR KBAR K-BAR K8 GV8000 mini Bar V/K/GV/GY To adjust or upgrade firmware Programming Kit, is powered by K-BAR, please note the positive and negative pole. (reminder: reverse connection may cause programming card burned) Card iCard has shaken the shelves, all-round, multi angle, a wide range of compatible with V, K, GV, GY and so on every kind of 5.3.4Pro Mini Bar, connect the cable eye-catching and the mark, not bitter force plug the wrong Bluetooth module to smoke. SD card unlimited storage parameters, computer terminal and set the parameter settings file is fully compatible with the storage card. With a 8S electric display, steering engine tester. Please pay special attention to prompt the wiring directions sticker, because V-BAR itself design problems, if the connection cable joint anti will cause the power supply and ground is directly connected to the data line, especially the use of 2S direct power supply (8.4V max) will likely lead to set card hardware damage, the card of each connection line are affixed with eye-catching cue sticker, please use special attention. Package Included: 1 x Card iCard

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