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2Pcs PVC Fresnel Lens 50×80mm For Google Cardboard 3D VR Magnifier

escription: 2Pcs PVC Fresnel Lens 5080mm For Google Cardboard 3D VR Magnifier Specification: Material: PVC(injection molding) Color: Transparent Shape: Flat Lens Diameter:50mm Focal Length: 80mm Thickness:0.8mm About Fresnel lens: -FRESNEL LENS works well with wide angle lens which tends to give dark corners. -Class leading brightness and contrast comparing to other lenses. -Provision of critical focus reference point for utmost accuracy. -Thinnest profile in the market with minimized focus shift. -This can really be a creative gift to children as a toy and senior people who need visual aid. Application: Fresnel lenses are most often used in light gathering applications, such as condenser systems or emitter/detector setups. It can also be used as magnifiers,3D display or projection lenses. This Lens is also ideal for the fine print in books, magazines maps, telephone directories, recipes, etc. Package Included: 2Pcs PVC Fresnel Lens More Details:

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