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2 in 1 Phone Stand Car Air Vent Mount CD Slot Holder for under 6 inches Smartphone

Specification: Name : Car CD Slot Air Vent holder Material:Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene plastic Color:Black Sizes:110x115x95mm Features: -Wide applicability: Universal mobile phone support, suitable for most intelligent mobile phone which witdh is 40mm-85mm -360 degree rotation: Spherical rotary joint ,Mobile phone bracket can rotate 360 degrees,erspective can be arbitrary regulation,Single hand operation,Easy to use, to ensure driving safety -Do not block line of sight: Practical, simple and fast operation, the use of mobile phone holder does not block the driver’s line of sight, driving more safe-All round rotating bracket. -Extremely simple installation, without any tools, as long as the bracket into the CD player can be inserted, the bracket installed, does not affect the CD player Be applicable: Because of the variety of models, the outlet design of the different can not be the best use of the effect, the bracket for 99.9% of the general car CD and DVD play port perfect use, not used in part of the car outlet, the outlet leaves up and down Distance greater than 10 mm or more / CD playback slot thickness less than 3.5 mm is not suitable for installation Package includes: 1 x Car CD Slot Air Vent holder

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